San Jose Skim Boarding Camp
San Jose Skim Boarding Camp
San Jose Skim Boarding Camp
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Monday : 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Tuesday : 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Wednesday : 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Thursday : 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Friday : 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Saturday : 06:00 AM 06:00 PM
Sunday : 06:00 AM 06:00 PM

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Added : Aug 27, 2017
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Riding a Surf Board in the Dulag Area 32km from Tacloban
At times you see the locals riding surf boards in the Dulag Area but on rare occasions as the conditions must be right. This occurs in the barangay San Jose. This is a different San Jose near the airport in Tacloban and is a barangay of Dulag. The location is approximately 32 kms from Tacoban city on the highway to ‘Bay Bay” I pass this area at least twice a week on my way to Tacloban.

Robbie In Tacloban

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Address : Barangay Sabang Daguitan, Dulag, Leyte 6505, Philippines
Email : N/A
Phone : +639218435417
Website : N/A
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