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MayLaka GuestHouse

MayLaka GuestHouse
MayLaka GuestHouse
MayLaka GuestHouse

Sorry, we are NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, we are also NOT A PUBLIC BEACH RESORT and have NO PUBLIC SWIMMING POOL Access by prior arrangement only.
For a comprehensive overview of all the features of our property, please visit “MayLaka Grounds“

Its owners and creators of MayLaka are Gina (a native from Bunga – Cabucgayan, Biliran) and her husband Jean-Pierre (originally from Machelen, Belgium).  They both looked for a very long time and very far away from their respective home countries to find the ideal partner and eventually met somewhere in the middle (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), thousands of miles away from each others home country, it was back in 2000. As they both had been living the expatriate life for a long time, the idea of building themselves a “cozy place” they could call home had been riping for many years. It took them till 2006 though to see and secure the land on which they created MayLaka and which has now become their own little “Vanuatu”.

A message from the owners Gina & Jean-Pierre (JP):

We hope you find our website interesting and if as a result you also get attracted to Biliran Island and decide to visit, we extend a warm invitation to also visit us at MayLaka. It would be great that you would find the time to come and say hello and share your own Biliran Island experience with us.

About the meaning of “MayLaka”:

Laka : In Hawaiian mythology : the “goddess of forest growth” (source Wikipedia)

MayLaka : In Visayan : lit. meaning “tree with a broken branch” (source Prof. Rolando O. Borrinaga, Ph.D.), extract: Evolution of Naval: landmarks known until the 1960s apparently served as coastal boundaries during the land distribution process initiated by Padre Inocentes. The use of Google Earth measurements in the Internet website would show that one-kilometer distances separated Sabang in the south to Aslum (a species of orange tree) in the north, from Aslum to Duha ka Punung Lubi(lit., two coconut trees, near the present Biliran Provincial Hospital), from Duha ka Punung Lubi to Laka (prob. May laka, lit., tree with a broken branch), and from Laka to Atipolo (another tree). Two-kilometer distances separate Atipolo from Agpangi (i.e., pangi tree), and from Agpangi to Jamurawon (molave tree), once a barangay of Naval.

About “our” MayLaka tree “with broken branches”:


When we acquired the land we found several trees along the beach on the verge of falling into the sea due to land erosion caused by the sea waves. The sea wall we build was to protect the land from further erosion and attempt saving these trees by bringing them in safety from the waves behind de seawall. Unfortunately, overzealous workers building the sea wall, cut the biggest of these trees on the corner of our man made beach. When we checked the progress of the works we found its “remains” laying in front of the sea wall, with its roots and branches cut.


Rather upset about this sad and uncalled for initiative, we asked for whatever was remaining of this once proud tree (which had bravely withstood the elements of the sea for so many years to then be cut, dug out and thrown into the sea against our best wishes) to be replanted in its original spot, in the hope that it would start growing again, this time safely protected behind the sea wall from the waves that had been pounding it for so many years.


Replanting our the “May Laka” was successful! It is growing again, and although its new branches have not yet been restored to their former glory, we look forward to seeing them continue growing over the years to come, now benifitting from the clean underground spring water coming from the nearby mountains and flowing close to its roots into the sea, which has certainly helped giving it the strength to survive all those past years, while fighting a slowly loosing battle against the relentless pounding of the sea waves, slowly but surely eating away the soil around its roots.

Now safely behind the protective seawall, in a fresh and fertile bed of soil, it can expect a more relaxed and undisturbed life for hopefully many more years to come, while we also look forward, in the hopefully not so distant future, as its branches once again have grown to their former glory, to find cool shade under its abundance of its big green leaves when we enjoy a stroll along the beach.

About our hopes:

As the creators of MayLaka and also its current “caretakers”, we hope that long after we will be gone, our children and further generations will continue our efforts to keep MayLaka a hospitable and peaceful little heaven on earth for many generations to come and that it will bring them as much enjoyment and happiness as it does to us.


  • Wireless Internet
  • Parking
  • Smoking Area
  • Pets Allowed
  • Air Conditioned
  • For PWD`s
  • Child Friendly
  • With Jogging Area
  • Can ride bicycle
  • Accepts Credit Cards
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Address : Biliran Circumferential Rd, Naval, Biliran 6543, Philippines
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