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How to Verify Listing

  1. You must have an account and you must publish or claim a Business listing on our site.
  2. If the Listing you want to verify is the one that you posted please kindly email us the requirements that we needs to verify your Listing (You can see requirements below).
  3. If the your Business is already added on our website create an account and claim the Business and prepare the requirements that we needs (Remember no requirements no response, we will response within 24-48hours working days).

What are those requirements?:

  • Business Permit/ Business Documents
  • Or any proof that will prove that the listing is yours.

 What are the Benefits of Verified Listing?:

  • You`ll get free Featured Advertisement on our website for 5 days.
  • Free 100 days Featured Listing can save money up-to 1,000php.
  • You`ll get Verified Badge on your listing to prove that you are legit.

Note: Verifying listing is Totatlly Free!

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