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Burauen Leyte, A Beautiful Mountain Stream Resort

Burauen Leyte, A Beautiful Mountain Stream Resort

Burauen Leyte, A Beautiful Mountain Stream Resort

Pines Farm Resort is located 5km from Burauen Town Proper in the barangay Abuyogon. Coming from Burauin the turn off to the resort will be on your left hand side. It is a bit of a drive from Tacloban City but well worth it!

A Beautiful Mountain Setting

This resort is in a very natural and beautiful setting. The water coming off the mountain is rain runoff. There is no industry in this area that is polluting the atmosphere so the water you are swimming in is very clean. If you enjoy the outdoors and like a beautiful rain forest atmosphere then this resort can bring an enjoyable day

You will have to bring your foods and drink

For Filipinos and foreigners visiting the area this can be resolved. You may have to purchase an esky (chilli bin) fill with ice to keep drinks cold and preserve food. There are many places where you can buy pork and chicken that has been cooked on a rotisserie. In supermarkets there are salad bars with a reasonable selection. I mention this because if you are staying at a hotel, yes they can prepare food for you but it maybe for some on the expensive side.


 Virtually what we have is a significant mountain stream of cool running water. A number of pools have small dam walls but there is always a constant flow of water passing over. With the difference between the water temperature and ambient air temperature it feels quite cold until the body adapts. The top pool is very shallow at 450 mm in depth (18 inches) and ideal for young children

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