Foreigner Putting on a party for the Family in a Barangay

Foreigner Putting on a party for the Family in a Barangay


In the Philippines if you are married and family are close by then when there is an event like a birthday or other celebration then they will have a party. Being a foreigner the thought is he must be rich but this is not the case

A family member is having a birthday and relatives are aware. Now in Australia a normal birthday as I can remember when I was young is a simple party at home with direct family (except for your 21st,(a .big event).

Most families in the Philippines are large. So there will be many relatives. It is virtually a snow ball effect. In this instance we are looking at 60 people in total which in western society would be a reasonably big party for a working class person.

Filipinos love to eat and I don’t think you will ever get an argument in that regard.

The idea and information is to put on a party at a reasonable cost and still keep everyone happy

Where are we going to have the party?

I go to a small Philippine beach style resort where I have known the owners for 7 years. They have 8 cottages on the beach. So I negotiate and can have all cottages on the beach for 1500 peso or $25 US (good deal)

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