Can a foreigner make a living in a province like Leyte in the Philippines?

Can a foreigner make a living in a province like Leyte in the Philippines?


This can be harder than one would think. Most foreigners think it is about investing some money and you start to make a living. My intention is not to kill a dream but to advise on my personal experience. This article is more aimed at foreigners living in a province.


As far as I am aware and have spoken to different attorneys a foreigner cannot own land here. I read on the internet there are ways around this but my but not so on the legal advice I have received.

I am married with a family and the land is in my wife’s name. After 5 years the value of this land (1000 square meters) is 300% higher than what we paid. Land prices go up over time. It is the same the world over.


I have never gone into this but as far as I know if you are working for an International Company there are permits required through Immigration. If you are living here and somehow find a job you will have to compete with local labour. The salaries are low from what I have observed and this maybe not is best option.

If find this a bit disheartening! I put my wife’s sister through college in Human Resource Management (HRM). Since graduation she has had a few casual jobs but the salary is only around 250 peso /day. ( I think the low rate is related to training)

 Travel for her is 60 peso/day so when calculated out at 6 days per week we are looking at 4800 peso/ month or $95 US. I just find this hard to believe but it is life here.

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