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Sto Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum Tacloban City

Sto Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum Tacloban City

Sto Niño Shrine and Heritage Museum Tacloban City

I drive past this building which is actually a mansion at least twice a week. I have read about the history and my last visit to this museum was just before Typhoon Yolanda. Friends I know who have made the visit in recent times say it appears a bit run down but the mansion is still very impressive

This building is one of the mansions of the late President Ferdinand Marcos. The mansion was built for Imelda Marcos, the president’s wife during his time in power. If you don’t know Imelda Marcos is a native of Tacloban

 It was erected in the late 70s. I have read this is one of 29 residences that were built across the Philippines during this time. The building has an area of 21,500 square feet so it is one mighty quest house or residence. We are talking about 21 bedrooms. I also took a photograph giving a side angle of the building to give you an idea of the sheer size of this structure

The museum contains many artefacts from different parts of the world that were collected while Ferdinand Marcos was in power.

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